How Packing Supply Products Have Changed With Today’s Global Economy

Packaging supplies aren’t what they used to be. In today’s global economy the entire industry has changed immeasurably. Back in the old days a company would order the packing supplies through a massive order of generic supplies. If the company was huge then they would order custom-designed boxes and packing supplies for their customers. It’s kind of how a customer knew a company was “legitimate.” All of that has changed today. Here’s how.

How Things Have Changed

In today’s world anyone can create custom packing supplies for their small business. Even if they just opened for business, they can have custom designed packing supplies ordered for their customers. The customer can receive the packages and they would never know how big a company is without doing some investigative work at least. That is encouraging to anyone that has the heart of an entrepreneur. They can create a brand and send out orders just the same way any big box company would do. It’s a brand new age for small business.

Some Warnings

It’s important to note that things aren’t easy. It takes hard work and the right shipping supplies to stay in business and play with the “big dogs” in any business. According to Forbes, 90% of new businesses fail in the first year of operations. Don’t let it discourage you. When you have that perfect design for packing supplies your customer will remember your brand. From start to finish, your company wins when custom design packaging is used. Even when they throw it away, it will have your brand name. That is what you want to get out there in the public.


The design is everything. Company after company has been created and made to perfection just to fail miserably. You need to research the logistics of what people in your niche look for in the product. When they have the product design in mind they connect with the end result if it matches. This is how it’s done.

– Create a marketing plan based on the research of your competition’s niche.

– Test the marketing plan with a target audience. Free is the word here.

– Change the strategies based on the results of the target reactions.

– Rinse and repeat until it works.

This means some research on your part. You need a target audience for this to work. Most entrepreneurs are well versed in how to create a solid target audience for this testing phase. If you need some help with that, then begin there. Otherwise, the audience can be acquired through offering the customer samples of the new niche product. The feedback that you gain from that testing is changed to match the desired product. Then the process is repeated until the product is a win for your niche. This is where your packaging is important. Try using various packaging ideas with the same sample. If the target audience reacts differently based on that, then you know your packaging is almost there. Just tweak the design a bit until you have a favorable reaction. Big box companies have entire departments devoted to this.

The Competition

Be aware of what the competition is doing for their packaging. There are some tips and tricks that they use to gain that following. Find out what that is and create your own version. Make it better.


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